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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, record rain. downpours on the drought-stricken west coast swamping roads and swelling rivers. dramatic video of a rescue and a home teetering on a cliff, washed away from floodwater, plus the search under way right now for people swept away in flash floods. >> donald trump on a battleship. big guns behind him taking shots. his harsh comments aimed at john remember kerry and hillary clinton. >> sole survivor gunned down on live tv. the woman shot during an interview talking about the terrifying ordeal. the one thing she did that likely saved her life. caught on camera. a semi truck losing control on a slick road skidding past a news crew.
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well, good wednesday morning to you. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm kendis gibson. floodwaters in the west. >> too much, too soon swamping drought ravaged areas creating a mess. rushing water completely destroyed the backyard and foundation of one home leaving it dangling. >> dramatic pictures there. in utah new video showing the heartbreaking moments when two vehicles carrying 13 people carried away. at least 16 are dead this morning and some are still missing. abc's bazi kanani tracking it all. >> reporter: dramatic rescues in southern california. >> our resources deployed a swift water op. >> reporter: at least ten people including this man and his dog pulled from rushing rivers after a heavy rainstorm. >> we had to climb up a tree to wait it out. >> this house teetering on the
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edge of a steep bank after high wears washed away a retaining wall. >> it's going to tip over. >> reporter: the same storm system deadly in utah. >> my goodness, oh, dear. >> reporter: it swept away two vehicles holding three mothers and 13 children, so far 12 have been found dead. >> this is one of the worst weather-related disasters in the history of the state of utah. >> reporter: the national guard is now heading in the search in hildale for one person still missing. the small town is home to the mormon polygamist sect once ruled by warren jeffs. >> we're greatly humbled and realize this is an act of god and something we can't control. we have to take what we receive and do the best we can. >> reporter: another search continues in utah's zion national park where flash floods killed four hikers, three still missing. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. >> bazi, thank you so much. there is progress this morning in the battle against the two biggest wildfires
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burning in california. the fire that devastated several communities near napa now 30% contained. more than 100 square miles has gone up in flames and nearly 600 homes were lost. some residents were allowed to return to check on pets and farm animals but they were forced to leave behind. meanwhile, an even larger fire near fresno is now 40% contained moving away from the giant sequoias. the radar are a cold front is welcome news for the firefighters battling the fires. one to two inches of rain along with cooler temperatures should bring much needed relief. more showers and storms will be possible across the central rockies including utah and western colorado. we move on to "your voice, your vote" and just hours until the major republican candidates face off yet again. >> tonight's gop debate will focus on foreign policy and front-runner donald trump uses his speech on a battle ship to fire shots at the obama administration. among his targets, immigration and veterans benefits and trump
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characterizeded the obama state department as inept. >> hillary clinton is the worst secretary of state in the history of this country, right? it's possible that because of this deal, made by secretary kerry who has absolutely no clue how to negotiate, it may be that he's going to supersede and i understand that he may want to run for president, he has no chance like she has no chance. >> in fact, he called the iran nuclear agreement quote one of the dumbest deals and one of the weakest contracts he's ever seen. the event in los angeles was on the former battleship "uss iowa." protesters kept off the ship but their chants clearly heard on board. >> the leading republicans in recent polls, trump will be at the center of the stage in tonight's debate. he'll be flanked by ben carson and jeb bush, former hp cre carly fiorina, the only woman will join the ten men on stage, as well.
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and while the republicans are grabbing the headlines right now, the democratic race is far from settled too. the latest poll shows growing unease among the party faithful with hillary clinton. she no longer has the support of a majority of male democrats and she's losing ground with democratic women, as well. well, dozens of refugees are trying to enter croatia as an alternate route to germany. hungary yesterday all but shut its border with serbia slowing the flood of people from 777 to syria it a trickle. croatia is threatening to take step, as well. the eu will hold emergency meetings next week to discuss the refugee crisis. in the meantime, it was a happy arrival for a group of 12 cuban migrants. their makeshift sailboat making it to miami beach. they had been at sea for six days. listen to the celebration there. they were permitted to stay in the u.s. because they reached the beach. if they had been taken into
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custody on the water, they likely would have been sent back to cuba. the white house is urging north korea to back away from its threats to use nuclear weapons at any time against the u.s. and its allies. kim jong-un's regime claims it was restarted and has upgraded all of its atomic fuel plants which could mean that it can make more sophisticated nuclear weapons. some foreign policy experts say the tough talk just a ploy to restart negotiations with the u.s. to get sanctions lifted. well, a date has been set for what may be one of the most contentious state dinners in recent history. president obama will host the chinese president at the white house next friday. reciprocating for his trip to beijing last year. both have been tight-lipped. some republicans want it called off in protest over issues like human rights and cybertheft. >> less contentious affair at the white house. a big day for the queens of women basketball. uconn husky were there to
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celebrate their third consecutive title and presented the president with a number 10 jersey because it was the school's tenth championship overall. mr. obama joked that the team has been there so often they can now lead white house tours. >> i bet they could take him in basketball. i know he's good at basketball. i've seen these women play. >> they could even take steph curry. facebook's new feature. something users have been requesting for a long time. new this wommorning, the wo gunned down on live tv talking about her experience. plus unnecessary roughness. a high school player's actions on the football field now a police investigation.
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there's new details in that deadly school bus crash in houston that killed two teenage girls. investigators say the bus smashed into a guardrail after being hit by another vehicle and then plunged on to the road below. look at those pictures there killing mariah johnson and jenisia chapman compounded for the johnson family who learned about their daughter's death in an automated voice mail from the school district. >> this is going to be her senior year. she was a momma's baby and a daddy's girl. >> attorneys for the johnsons say the family is already pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against both drivers involved in that accident. well, classes are resuming tomorrow for more than 50,000 students in seattle after a teach
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teacher's strike delayed the start of the school year voting to suspend the walkout after a tentative agreement. it addresses pay, testing and teacher evaluations. a much anticipated two-day meeting of the federal reserve getting under way today. the big question, will the fed raise interest rates? a hike could make it harder to afford a mortgage or car loan. the fed hasn't raised rates in nearly a decade preferring to keep them low as a way of supporting the economy. now, opinions are split on whether a rate hike will be announced tomorrow. wall street rallied ahead of the meeting the dow adding nearly 229 points. nasdaq was also up 55. the s&p gained 25 points. and there may be fewer seasonal jobs for the holidays. u.p.s. plans to hire about the same number of workers for the holidays this year. that's about 95,000 temporary employees. most of them package handlerers and driver helpers and toys "r" us plans to employ fewer
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workers. their workers want more hours. apple releasing i ochlt schs 9. it'll take much less space than previous versions. less than a third as many gigabytes, it will also extend battery life by about an hour and let you know which apps are running down the battery. ios 9 will require a longer passcode. six digits instead of four. >> it doesn't help me. i'm running out of storage space. can you show me how to delete stuff. >> i'll help you upgrade as beyonce would say. a big rig jackknifing taking out a news crew on the side of the road. and a street stunt going horribly wrong landing the performer in the hospital. when your windshield needs fixed, trust safelite.
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let's go! join for free at and get one month free. hurry, offer ends september 21st. this is a terrifying scene on a freeway in san diego. the driver of that semi losing control on the slick road, you see it covered in rain. he crashed into several cars including a local news van parked on the shoulder and he narrowly missed a cameraman recordingage earlier accident. the cameraman was shaken up but uninjured. no one else hurt.
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the flash flooding plaguing much of the west isn't over yet. be on the lookout for dangerous conditions and plan on heavy rain in florida. if you're flying, airport delays possible in miami and salt lake city. well, three weeks after a shocking attack on a news crew in virginia played out on live tv we're getting a chilling account from the sole survivor. >> vicki gardner was being interviewed when a gunman opened fire killing reporter alison parker and cameraman adam ward. after a serious gunshot wound and two surgeries she's now out of the hospital and tells fox news it all happened very fast. >> the only thing i could think of is play dead. i was waiting for him to shoot me in the head. when he shot me in the back i said i'm going to be paralyzed. darn. and then i waited and then i said -- and it goes real quick. they say, oh, your mind -- the world goes in front of you.
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and it did real fast and i said i'm ready. >> well gardner said the shooter former reporter vester flanagan fired several more times but she was not struck again. she is now planning a tribute for alison and adam. now to a stunt gone wrong sending an escape artist to the hospital. take a look at spencer horsman in a water torture chamber, new jersey, chained, handcuffed and suspended by a crane. the performance was supposed to be a preview for a criss angel show, the magician almost freed himself but after more than 2 1/2 minutes underwater, he was lowered to the ground and put in an ambulance. well, it's not enough that two drivers were racing their hot sports cars on the streets of beverly hill, one of the cars, the ferrari there is worth millions of dollars. the other is a top-end porsche and when confronted police said they can't touch him. he has diplomatic immunity. the state department is looking into that. police in new jersey are
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looking into violent incident from a high school football game. watch as one player, 73 on this tape gets his helmet taken off by number 1 and black now. then it seems as if number one swings the helmet hitting 73 in the head. the injured player received ten stitches. the player from lyndon, new jersey, number 1 was penalized but not ejected. they say he could be disciplined and charges possible as a result of that violent incident there. this disturbing video was shot after monday night's vikings/49ers game. several niners fans seen beating a vikings fan outside levi stadium. eventually several security guards and other fans break up the chaotic scene there. the guy in the minnesota jersey was able to walk away. police are investigating the incident and so far they have no suspects. okay, week two in the nfl gets under way tomorrow night. >> that means we have some baseball highlights now. of course, courtesy of the guys
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at espn. >> how do you like my tie? we don't have a tie in the als but we have a good race. >> astros up a half game on the rangers on tuesday, texas making the charge. big deal, down there in the lone star state, prince fielder, bottom of the ninth tied at 5. base hit. he was 3 for 4. they lifted him for drew stubbs to pinch run. adrian beltre with a single. runners on the corner for moreland. is that enough to get stubbs home? the answer, yes. rangers take it 6-5 and take over first place in the a.l. west by themselves for the first time this season. ten games above .500 for the first time in season. >> ooh. that looks cold. twins are now chasing the astros because they're on the outside looking in for one of those two wild card spots and the tigers are chasing their tails after winning this division i think the last four years in a row. miguel sano, two rbi.
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twins cut the lead to 4-3. trevor plouffe, double trouble. that's what his friends call him and don't mean it as a compliment. bottom nine, detroit 5-4. runner on second. sano, no, no. tigers win by four. 5-4. >> that's all we got. thank you for watching. back to you. >> thanks, fellas. you know, espn "sportscenter" has something called the not top ten plays. this is definitely one of those lowlights. it happened in cleveland, alex rios hitting a home run against the indians. >> the stadium fireworks were set up which usually only happens when ab indian hits a home run. the guys setting up the fireworks, you see him there. he hid in his hat getting booed. a fan should have waited to do the booing because kansas city won the game 2-0. >> his momma still loves him. up next in "the pulse," thumbs down. a new feature coming to facebook getting a lot of buzz.
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it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. ♪ exciting news topping "the pulse" today. a change for millions of facebook users. >> for years many have been asking for a way to show support for friends without hitting the like button for bad news. who wants to like death or breakups, natural disasters. >> yeah so in a town hall session facebook founder mark zuckerberg said that they're about to start testing a solution, but later zuck said it's not likely to be called a dislike button. what will likely happen is a type of sympathy button. >> a happy compromise. >> a good middle ground there. another drone related controversy has emerged this time it's a camera mounted on a drone supposedly falling into
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the middle of the burning man festival. you decide here. >> camera is actually rolling as it makes that stomach-turning fall to earth. that's where the burning man right there, he's a fan, snaps it up and documented dance party before turning it into lost and found. >> so the video has gone viral. but some online skeptics are questioning whether it's real or a well executed fake. >> you think it's a fake. >> it looks fake. >> we'll let you decide. and when you're out for a day fishing the last thing you want to see is a pod of killer whales under your boat. >> that's what happened after the coast of san diego when the fishermen realized orcas could flip tear boat they sped off but the whales didn't back down chasing them all the way. >> scary. for some people local news is next. how does it feel to lose weight while on weight watchers?
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>> ♪ >> good morning everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. 4:27 on this wednesday and here's some of the stories we're following for you on "action news." we are 10 days away from pope francis' visit and security efforts are ramping up on the ben franklin parkway. we're live with details on where the secret service was poking around with flashlights last night. the family of one of two students killed in a school bus crash in texas has already filed a wrongful death lawsuit and the parents are lashing out against the school district. if you're looking for a job, we have details on which companies already have the help wanted signs up for seasonal jobs. a veteran's job fair today and more drive times in the delaware and lehigh valleys. accuweather and traffic all next. abc. >> yeah, this time kermit and the gang offering an unprecedented glimpse into their personal lives.
4:28 am
k abc's george pennacchio takes a look. >> reporter: it's time to light the lights again for the muppets heading back to prime time in a behind-the-scenes documentary-style show and soon know about their romance, desire, disappointments and achievements as the show explores the professional and personal lives. >> if you had children how would you raise them? >> where would they go to the bathroom? in the woods. >> reporter: what do you think more than anything else we're going to learn about the municip muppets. >> i think you'll learn that over the years while we've done all these projects where we sort of played ourselves in roles, you know, i played kermit the frog, it's not exactly who i am. and we do have personal lives and we're just living in the world just like everybody else. >> the show will be all about our personal lives. >> we're normal people only we happen to be frog, bears, and pigs and chickens and have relationships people don't know about. >> reporter: kermit is the executive producer of "up late
4:29 am
with miss piggy" however the two are no longer a couple. you do have an attraction for mother porcine princess. >> i have the idea that you've been involved with a pig. her name is denise and one of the heads of marketing with abc and she's wonderful. she's very sweet and thoughtful and, you know, it's a different kind of thing. >> reporter: also different, what it means being green. kermit's famous song used to be about skin color. then it was all about the environment. and now -- >> these days i think it has also metaphors for all kinds of people and i off that. >> reporter: see them next tuesday at 8:00 right here on abc. in los angeles, george pennacchio for abc news. >> kermit moving on. >> we didn't hear from miss piggy. >> oh, we will. >> we're going to. >> "gma" winning the booking
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. here's what we're following on this wednesday, september 16th. >> philadelphia police are checking surveillance video as they investigate a deadly shootingly. >> out in california, firefighters are finally gaining ground on two massive wildfires that have destroyed hundreds of homes. >> crews along the ben franklin parkway work through the night as preparations for the papal visit intensify. >> all right. let's find out about today's weather and traffic. we'll go on over to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers has that traffic. good morning. >> and it's another nice start and aiming toward another nice finish. you can see very little cloud cover acro t


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